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Free With Purchase!

If you’re giving a gift on behalf of others, we will send you gift cards describing how the gift made a difference. When checking out, indicate how many you need.

  • Anita

    "I purchased several ornaments; some metal and some made from paper beads. They were lovely and meaningful and well-crafted! Shopping was easy and the prices were fair. It was a pleasure knowing my purchase empowered a craftsman somewhere."

  • Judy

    "It was great making a purchase at the EduDeo store, knowing that fair trade companies are being used... The whole process was very smooth, and I was very happy with the products I purchased. I will buy items again from the EduDeo store!"

  • Alice

    "We loved the EduDeo puzzle because it celebrates so much of what we love - EduDeo's work, local impact, the Barton Street community. And buying it provided funds for EduDeo's work at the same time!"

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