Skills Training Programs

Students around the world running out of options for their futures.  

If they’re not academically gifted or they can’t afford tuition, university is painfully out of reach. If they don’t come from a farming family, they can’t work at home. And if their school doesn’t have comprehensive skills training programs, they’re left with few opportunities for meaningful work. 

This means students are dropping out before high school graduation, families are left without adequate provision, and young people are entering the workforce with little to no preparation.

This is simply unacceptable, so EduDeo’s partners are planting the seeds for a different future. 

All children bear Christ’s image and bear the unique gifts He has given them. Each one of them deserves a chance to cultivate their gifts, support their families, and build up their communities. 

We need you to help make this a reality.

Make a purchase today to support skills training programs at nine schools in Burkina Faso and Zambia. Programs will not only train students in agriculture and animal husbandry skills, but they’ll equip them for meaningful, lifelong careers as Christ’s ambassadors in their communities. 

Your purchase will have three key impacts:  

1. Students Trained
2. Schools Supported  
3. Communities Built  

    Skills training programs equip students for careers with meaningful work – in a field that they’re both skilled in and excited about. The schools where they’re trained can also generate income, keeping them sustainable and able to train more students. And when students and schools continually fill the workforce with honourable, Christ-like workers, communities are built up for generations to come.

    That’s a long-term investment with year-over-returns. Will you kickstart the impact and make a purchase towards skills training programs?