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Student Bundle

Student Bundle

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Give the student bundle! 

When you choose this, you choose to a child their first Bible! From the Christmas story to David and Goliath to Jesus rising on Easter... this gift is filled with stories to keep a child close to God. You also choose fill a student's backpack so they have everything they need to get back to school after the Christmas break. 

Bundle Includes: 

$15 / Bible

$92 / student's backpack



*This is not a physical product. You will not receive these items upon purchase. No shipping is charged on gift catalogue items.*

All gifts featured in the EduDeo Ministries Gift Catalogue represent real items from our work around the world, and are based on preliminary proposals submitted by partners in the field. The amounts are illustrative and intended to provide an idea of how funds will be used, but they do not guarantee that an individual gift will go to that specific use. All gifts you choose to give this Christmas will support our international partners and the programs they run, showing love to students, teachers, and schools.

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If you’re giving a gift on behalf of others, we will send you gift cards describing how the gift made a difference. When checking out, indicate how many you need.